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Croquet SA Presentations 2018: North Adelaide successes
North Adelaide Games 2018:

  • 1. Swiss Singles:


2. Women's Invitation Singles




3. Men's Invitation Singles



AC Saturday Pennants Results as at 3 Nov 18
AC Div 4 & Div 3 Night Doubles Final Results
SACA Presentation Day held on Saturday 16 December 2017 at Hutt Road. The following Awards were made to teams and individuals of our club:
bullet Runners-up Div4 Night Doubles
bullet Runners-up Div2 Saturday Pennants
bullet Runners -up Spring Pennants 6+
bullet Runner-up Handicap Singles-Sue Huddy
bullet Winner Spring Singles 6+ -Sue Huddy
bullet Runner-up Spring Singles 6+ - Norma Greig
bullet Winners Doubles Individual 6+ - Norma Greig & Sue Huddy


North Adelaide Games Oct/Nov 2017: Photos

AC Invitation Singles - Men:
Winner: Dwayne McCormick
Runner-up: David Wise
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AC Invitation Singles - Women:
Winner: Robyn Short
Runner-up: Virginia Arney
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AC Swiss Singles Championship:
Winner: Dwayne McCormick
Runner-up: Jenny Mitchell
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AC Handicap Winners:
Winner: Kevin LePoidevin
Runner-up: Barbara Stanley

AC Section Winners:
Sction 1: Roger Buddle
Section 2: Dean Bennett

GC Invitation Singles:
Winner: Mick Reidy
Runner-up: Greg Rowberry
Full details.

GC Swiss Singles:
Winner: Ron McBride
Runner-up: Penny Harper
Full details.

GC Handicap Winners:
Winner: Sally Harper
Runner-up: Sue LePoidevin

Other Results:

Final GC Winter 24+ Pennants Standings

The NorthWood held on Sunday 28 May 2017. We won this year's The NorthWood friendlies by 13 games to 11. See cup and log.

AC Night Singles 2017 Progressive

Club GC Ladder as on 17 Oct 2017

North Adelaide Games 18 Oct to 20 Nov 2016:

Golf Croquet:

Alan Crabb
Runner-up Pam Masci
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Greg Rowberry
Runner-up Janice Lis

Women’s Invitation:
Winner Marge Podnieks
Runner-up Norma Greig
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Men’s Invitation
Winner Ron McBride
Runner-up Michael Reidy
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Association Croquet:

Winner Roger Buddle
Runner-up Tracey Sincock

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Winner Kevin Le Poidevin
Runner-up Dean Bennet

Women’s Invitation
Winner Ann Rutten
Runner-up Virginia Arney
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Men’s Invitation
Winner Dwayne McCormick
Runner-up Roger Buddle
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